11 days Armenia - Voices of the history in the Aragats mountains, towns and people

The former territory of Armenia is the place where once upon a time Noah parked his ark. There are lots of archeological findings and excavations in Armenia that show that from time immemorial there were ancient cultures and civilizations. Here is the mighty and beautiful Lake Sevan and the stunning Caucasian mountains that are filled with the charming sounds of duduk.

4 days Georgia - A weekend in Georgia

Fancy a weekend in the land of wine? Why not? You will experience adventures in Tbilisi, the present day capital of Georgia and in Mskheta, Georgia's former capital as well as the hospitality of a Georgian wine maker with wine tasting and a delicious dinner at an authentic Georgian restaurant.

9 days Georgia - Gourmet tour

Georgians say that they weigh their guests on arrival and when they leave. If the guests have not put on at least 3 kilos a Georgian host will not let them leave! Why so? Because it means that the guests were not eating properly and should be fed more! Ok, do not get too concerned -  it is a joke! Though there is a grain of truth in it:  the country of Georgia is not only famous for its glorious mountains and plentiful valleys but also for outstanding Georgian hospitality, streaming rivers of wine, and rich and delicious cuisine.

10 days Georgia - The richness of autumn in the land of wine

With the autumn approaching, the time for harvest in Georgia arrives. The long, warm, glorious summers ensure a bountiful selection of fruit and vegetables. Autumn also means the grape harvest is due! Our journey will take us to the mountains and valleys, the coast of the Black Sea, various towns, old churches and monasteries as well as the opportunity to have some fun “a la Georgian" - meaning having a delicious meal at the house of a Kakhetian wine maker!

11 days Armenia - Biking through the lands of Armenia

Biking by the shores of Lake Sevan, old monasteries, ancient pagan temples, the Caucasus mountains and its valleys and rivers, and picturesque towns, you will enjoy exploring Armenia, one of the cradles of world civilization, in a more active manner!

From May through October

1 day Diving

We organize scuba diving for beginners and professionals on the Black Sea coast from Poti to Sarpi and highland lakes of Georgia.

1 day Rafting in the Mountainous Adjara!

Excursion to the sights of mountainous Adjara, combined with rafting on Adzharistkali river.

1 day Batumi - Pearl of the Black Sea!

Batumi is the Black Sea capital of Georgia. It is a city at the junction of times and religions, on the contrast of modern and ancient architecture.