Get a bird’s eye view of the Caucasus Mountains and enjoy stunning landscapes unrolling far down under your feet. Let the experienced pilot take care of your safety. Make your childhood dream of flying come true! We offer paragliding near Gudauri and Stepantsminda within the sight of mount Kazbegi. The exact place will depend on the weather conditions. Thanks to of good weather and unique landscapes it is probably one of the best places for paragliding in the whole world!

First you will have orientation and then as soon as the wind takes the sail wing up in the air you will take a couple of steps or a short run and – find yourself and your pilot floating in the air and enjoying paragliding over villages, roads, hills, valleys and rivers and admiring the stunning view of snowcapped mountain peaks.

During paragliding you will be accompanied by an experienced pilot, and the certified equipment is well-stored and regularly checked. You will also be wearing a helmet. So basically all you need is the desire to fly!

To enjoy paragliding even more you may want to wear comfortable and warm clothes and comfortable footwear.

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