Tsqaltubo - “Imereti Health Resort”

In Imeretia morning begins with the singing of birds, food from environmentally friendly products, inexhaustible springs of mineral water going out from the ground, allowing you to forget about the daily bustle ... Give yourself a rest that will later allow you to work with redoubled energy!

Borjomi - 4* Health Resort "Borjomi Palace"

4-star hotel - Sanatorium "Borjomi Palace" -  a place where every  guest is  VIP.

Tsqaltubo - 4* "Tskaltubo Spa Resort"

There is such a legend that in Tskhaltubo is the source with "life giving water" flowing from the dungeon. Those who are brought to the source on a stretcher for the first time, after two weeks of treatment, leaves it away. So, they say that such water is only in Tskhaltubo, where the sacrament miracle of healing is performed.

Borjomi - 5* Health resort "Rixos Borjomi"

Would you like to rest in the hotel of the world brand and in the same time improve your health? Hotel "Rixos Borjomi" 5*  is the best choice for the most respectable guests!

Tsqaltubo - 4* Health resort "Tskaltubo Plaza"

Relax from the city bustle and gray everyday life, surrounded by fresh air and beautiful nature.


Borjomi - 3* Health resort “Borjomis Kheoba”

The best combination of classical Georgian holiday, exquisite natural beauty and attentive highly, skilled staff.