What kind of weather will be during the trip?

Georgia enjoys an array of micro-climates due to our wide variety and changes in landscape depending on where you go. We always hope that during your trip the weather will be warm and sunny, but still recommend you to check up the weather forecast on www.foreca.com

What will I need during the trip?

You may always need:

  • Something against the rain (umbrella, raincoat);

  • Something against the sun (if visiting Georgia in hot months);

  • Something against the cold (you will experience the adventure of micro-climates first hand – amazing!);

  • Something for your feet (Comfy shoes for cobble roads, city or mountain trekking and sightseeing);

  • Something to carry all your stuff. Come with a big travel bag that is empty on arrival, because you're going to want to take all of Georgia back home with you. It is just the way it is!

Are there any additional expenses and hidden costs?

"Hidden" we simply do not do as we prefer to conduct transparent and honest business. It is important to us that you are fully aware of all potential costs you should consider so you are not met with any nasty surprises. Please always refer to the section "Additional Information" on each advertised holiday, tour or trip for any information about additional costs or services and excursions you may desire to add to your visit. This will allow you to carefully plan , save and budget for your trip. We do not want you to worry about costs and expenses whilst on holiday and prefer to ensure that you know beforehand what additional costs you could incur.

Where and how can I change the currency?

In Georgia, the Euro and US Dollar are both considered legal tender, and can easily be exchanged with any high street bank for our local currency.

Are there any discounts for children?

We regularly offer special discounts and offers for children. Depending on the hotel, resort or package you choose, discount values and the qualifying age range for children will vary. (Please ask and confirm these discounts in the section " Additional Information" of the package or tour you choose)

I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any further information needs. In our determination to deal with you as a unique individual with unique needs, we'd rather let you hear it “straight from the horse's mouth”. You are important to us and we want to make sure that you have complete peace of mind when you book your holiday.