1 day City of contrasts - Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the economic, cultural, political and social heart of Georgia. It is where Georgians gravitate when they seek excitement and action, where history comes alive in a dramatic hillside setting and where ancient Eurasian crossroads meet a modern city looking forward to the future. The capital is gaining a new dimension as its cultural scene grows, prestigious new building projects develop and more and more restaurants, shops and leisure facilities move in. The beating heart of the region, Tbilisi should not be missed by any traveler to the Caucasus.

1 day Kakheti - Sighnaghi, Bodbe

If you’re looking for a place that has beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls and wineries, gorgeous landscapes, cave monasteries and history on every corner, delicious food and locals who treat every guest as if he were an angel, look no further than Kakheti.

1 day Gori, Uplistsikhe

Gori, 80km west of Tbilisi, has long been synonymous with just one man: this is the town where Stalin was born and went to school. The large Stalin Museum is Gori’s best known attraction, but there are also some fascinating older sights, notably Uplistsikhe cave city, nearby.

1 day Ananuri and Kazbegi

One-day tour to Ananuri and Kazbegi  with the itinerary  from the capital city Tbilisi  to the snow-capped peak of the Mount Kazbek  will open up an enchanting Georgia . On the way there, you will visit a bewitching Ananuri complex located at the quiet waters of the Jinvali Lake, see the beauty of mountainous rivers and gorges of Kazbek, and enjoy the tranquility in the Gergeti church, which is the final destination of the journey. There you will get an amazing view on the village of Kazbegi and grand Mount Kazbek.

1 day Мtskheta - Georgian ancient capital

On the shores of the Kura, right after the confluence with Aragvi stands the city of Mtskheta which is the ancient capital of Georgia. Mtskheta is a holy place for every Georgian.