Rafting in the Mountainous Adjara!

1 day

Excursion to the sights of mountainous Adjara, combined with rafting on Adzharistkali river.

Rafting starts in village Makhuntseti, near waterfall with same name and Queen Tamara arch bridge. 

Finish six kilometres below. On the raft will be experienced guide-instructor ensuring safe passage throughout the route. In the cold season wetsuits are given out. During raft it is necessary to have swimsuit or clothes for changing.

Sightseeing: QueenTamara's Arched Bridge, Makhuntseti Waterfall, Shervanshidze Wine House, Chkhorotshsky Reservoir, rafting down Adjaristskali River. 

Duration: 5 hours

Start: 11:00. Raft tour is held daily from March till November during the season or as the group is recruited.

Tour price upon request: 



Tour price upon request: