Mtirala National Park

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Adjara is famous for its numerous natural parks of incredible beauty - that's why we invite you to visit one of them.

Mtirala National Park was opened in Adjara, on Kobuleti-Chakvi hill. Mount Mtirala is located between Chakvi and Kobuleti at an altitude of 1761 m above sea level. The mountain is covered with fog all year round and has high amount of precipitation, therefore it has the nickname Mtirala, i.e. "crying". On Mtirala, even if the sun shines brightly, it can rain at any time.

The territory of the unique park is characterized by a variety of rare relic plants - here you can find samples of 284 species of 68 families, including 18 species of wood, 21 shrubs, 245-grasses, and endemic-16 species! The following rare relic endemics are introduced in Red Book of Georgia: the Pontic oak, the Ungernian rhododendron, the epigeum. 

Almost100% of "Mtirala" national park is covered with forests and impenetrable bushes. Depending on the altitudes above the sea level, the forests are distributed as follows: at an altitude of 500-600 meters - mixed Kolkhi broadleaf forests, at heights 600-1000 meters chestnuts are grown, and larch is above 1000 meters.


  • Mtirala National Park;
  • Lake;
  • The Zablnari waterfall;
  • Subtropical flora and fauna;
  • The mountain river of Chakvistavi;
  • Georgian food (extra charge);
  • Colorful Georgian houses;

When choosing to visit Mtirala National Park you enjoy the unique nature and freshness of clean air. This excellent place will be for you another unforgettable adventure in Georgia!

***Tour includes an easy level trekking. Please wear comfortable footwear.

Tour Duration: 4-5 hours                                                                               

Tour rate includes :

  • Transport service according program. 
  • Service of professional guide.                                                               

Extra fee: Dinner in family restaurant.

Tour price upon request: 



Tour rate includes  :

  1. Transport service according program. 
  2. Service of professional guide.                                                               

Extra fee: Dinner in family restaurant.

Tour price upon request: