Master class of Georgian cuisine: Khinkali and Khachapuri

1 day

Learn Georgian cuisine secrets while preparing delicious dishes under guidance of experienced chef!

Georgians adore their traditional dishes, such as khachapuri, khinkali, shish kebab, lobio, pkhali and from childhood learn how to cook them. And it's not surprising - their dishes are advisable and balanced. And what is important - incredibly tasty!

Culinary master class is special, interactive, non-standard event. This is basically lunch or dinner on restaurant’s dinner rate, with difference that you by yourself participate in its creation and improve your culinary skills.

Khinkali branded Georgian dish, that’s why it is first from wish list to master. It is funny collective event, in many respects reminiscent of cooking dumplings. It is also cheapest. Khinkali are made also with beef. On request - with cheese or lamb.

Khachapuri is masterpiece of Georgian cooking. Even in 5th-6th centuries annals there is mention of it as one of peasant’s dishes. The word "khachapuri" consists of two words: khacho (ხაჭო) - cottage cheese, puri (პური) - bread. Initially, it was cake with cottage cheese. Later, the filling was replaced with cheese.

Khachapuri are of different shapes - round, triangular, square, in form of boat. Main thing is airy dough and fresh cheese. It is prepared very quickly and simply. Not just experienced hostess are able to cope with them, but also beginner culinary.

The main types of khachapuri:

Adjarian khachapuri (acharuli) is region’s visiting card. According to legend, shape of boat was invented by seashore inhabitants, and egg is symbol of sun, which rolled into sea. For cooking are used yeast dough, eggs and cheese.


Imeretian khachapuri (imeruli) differs from Adzharian that it is prepared from yeast dough with high-fat cheese addition. The shape must be round. It is baked on frying pan made of clay, called ketsi.

Megrels khachapuri (megruli) are also prepared from yeast dough, but cheese is located inside and on cake top.


Culinary master class is interesting and informative. Everybody knows Georgian food, and many people know how to cook it, but it will be interesting for someone to practice directly in Georgia with living carriers of food wisdom!

For an additional price, you can enjoy wine tasting.

Price of the master class is upon request: 



Price of the master class is upon request: